Many school districts across the United States are scrambling to figure out a plan to support remote learning and respond to the emerging needs of 57 million elementary school students in the fall. As challenging as it is today, it’s time to begin planning for the next school year. The damage the pandemic has already caused, the lingering health concerns and the potential for resurgence makes preparation to re-open schools a complex but urgent affair.  

Based on insight and research from education practitioners and experts, The Learning Pal has developed a host of service offerings to support this new learn-at-home culture. TLP is eager to bring new distance learning solutions that better meet the needs of schools, families and students.

Virtual Learning Solutions for Schools


Our team of trained Learning Pals are students currently enrolled in college/university programs. They undergo thorough criminal background checks and are trained by certified elementary school educators to support students with various learning styles. Learning Pals provide in-person one-to-one and small group support to students in the comfort of their homes with strict COVID-19, social distancing practices in place. Learning Pals show up in-person and sit with students to assist them in real time during their school’s live online classes and with all virtual school assignments.  More than just academic support, Learning Pals are mentors. They are trained in the Developmental Relationships Framework, an evidence-based model developed by the Search Institute. Through this framework Learning Pals are equipped with the skills and knowledge to build developmental relationships that support the whole child. This service helps schools to ensure students and their families have the support they need to engage and succeed with online learning. Serving as the link between school and home, The Learning Pal provides both parents and schools reports and consistent updates on students’ progress and engagement. 


We recognize that access to technology is a major barrier that has limited students’ online engagement. In an effort to address this challenge, TLP provides students with electronic devices, such as laptops and/or tablets along with the connectivity needed to access their school’s online learning platforms. Devices are available for students to use during the duration of their time as a Learning Pal client. We recognize that true success begins with being properly prepared.  Therefore TLP aims to equip students with the tools they need to show up and succeed.

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