After-School Tutoring Program with Extracurricular Activities for Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Are you running out of ideas on how to keep your child engaged when school is out? Has your child's school eliminated extra-curricular programming or after-school activities. Get a Learning Pal (personal tutor and mentor) to provide your student with hands-on activities that build their skills, expose them to new areas of interest, and keep them occupied with hours of fun and learning. Areas of concentration include STEM, arts, dance, sports, health & fitness, creative writing, performing arts and more.

How Does it Work?

During the school year Extra-Curricular activities are offered in combination with Distance Learning Support. During school break sessions (summer, winter, and spring break), the Camp at Home program provides week long extra-curricular programming that can be customized for your family and student. All activities take place in the safety of your home and all activities supplies are provided by your Learning Pal.

How Does it Work?

In regions where schools have returned to in-person learning or a hybrid learning model, Learning Pals provide in-home support and mentoring. Many extra-curricular school activities have not resumed immediately upon students’ return to school and this is where The Learning Pal can help.  Pals can provide after-school activities at-home that are fun and engaging while also offering homework help assistance and academic support to supplement the school day instruction.

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