Virtual Learning Assistance with In-Home Tutors

for Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Is your student having a difficult time navigating their virtual school? Are you and your student sharing a computer or tablet? Is balancing your daily schedule with your child's online school assignments becoming too much?


Hire a Learning Pal to take the load off of you. Learning Pals work 1-on-1 with your child in the safety of your home. Learning Pals assist students with all virtual school assignments and provide in-person support in real time during your student's live online classes. Pals can support learning in all elementary subject areas, including math, reading, social studies, language arts and science.


Learning Pals allow parents to focus on work or other tasks with the assurance that their student is engaged in their virtual learning classes and has the support they need to comprehend lessons, activities and assignments. When challenges arise, a Learning Pal is there to help your student navigate their way through with support.


In addition to academic support, students receive a mentor – a caring adult committed to building a developmental relationship the young person needs to thrive.

Small Group in-Home Virtual Learning Support

Many families have chosen to  support each other by allowing their students to learn in a group setting. Families are able to share plans when they hire a Learning Pal. The Pal will report to one designated home address and students may gather at that address to meet with their Pal.

Learning Support for Hybrid Attendance Model

For regions where schools have returned to in-person learning or a hybrid learning model, Learning Pals are available to still provide in-home support and mentoring. Many extra-curricular school activities are not resuming immediately upon students’ return to school and this is where The Learning Pal can help. Pals can provide after-school activities at-home that are fun and engaging while also offering homework help assistance and academic support to supplement the school day instruction.

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