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The Learning Pal was launched to support our nation’s new learning-at-home culture.  With school closures and limited in-person instruction, many students have become distance learners overnight. In addition, well-intentioned parents instantly became classroom teachers, encumbered with the duty of planning creative ways to occupy their students' time during what would be normal school hours.  Across the country only 50% of students have consistently engaged in required online learning, proving that distance learning is a daunting task for many students and their families.  Factors that have contributed to low online engagement rates range from parents having to balance new work- from-home  responsibilities with students’ online course schedules, to families having limited or no access to the necessary technology. 


Our services match families with a personal Learning Pal that provides in-home support.  Students receive the assistance they need to complete virtual assignments and to navigate their school's online learning platform. This allows parents time to breathe, make dinner or simply work without distractions in their home office.  No longer do parents have to wear the hat of  teacher, arts & crafts leader, or any other newly assigned roles that are the result of school closures. The Learning Pal is here to fill the gap.


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